Due to being hacked - Temporarily deactivate a facebook commerce account in order to add a new one.

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Hi Guys,


I hope someone can help me or offer any advice please. Our FB business manager was hacked early October and FB has now restricted our Facebook page. They might take another few weeks to lift the restrictions, so at the moment, we are basically shadowbanned. The solution, temporarily, is to create a new FB page and connect this to Shopify. The issue I'm seeing is that I cannot remove my hacked restricted FB page, as Shopify states it's the primary. When I try to connect the new FB page, it says it already is bound to a commerce account, so I cannot remove it. I am able to deactivate the new Facebook page from FB Commerce Manager, assuming this might allow me to then connect it Shopify, and then make it the Primary and remove the old one, but I'm worried deactivating the new facebook page, will remove it from Facebook completely. 


Please advise. I'm totally stumped!

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