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Duplicate code-Trekkie load- analytics/adwords-someone else's analytics code on my site

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I have noticed my bounce rate has plummeted too low and looked into it with Google Tag Assistant and Google Analytics debugger I have found something called "Trekkie load" on my site that is sending pageviews.  I can't find it in my store's theme.liquid code to remove it.  Does anyone know how this is arriving on our stores, and which app it is attributed to?  I am using a few apps, but curious if it could be the google integration w/ Shopify or laybuy or even just something Shopify does.   I need a fix asap. 

Also, when using Google Analytics Debugger I see references to an Analytics code that is not mine....I can use a reverse analytics lookup tool and see 11 other sites with that analytics code.  I am quite concerned about how it arrived on my site, whose it is, and/or which app it belongs to.  

Anyone with a similar experience? 

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I'm having the same problem.

How did you solve this?