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I'm searching for way to list dynamic bundles to list kits.

I'm considering migrating from Magento2 but we use the bundles in most of our products.

These are not pre-made bundles and the customer need to make a selection within a specific list of item.

Option A: Choose 1 within 9 items (adds a pair of the selected item)

Option B: Choose 1 within 7 items (adds a single of the selected item)

Options C: Choose 1 within 10 items (adds a pair of the selected item)

Add all items to cart and calculate price.

In Magento you simply create those 26 simple products + 1 bundle products and it is all you see in admin.

When you update the simple product pricing, all bundles using those product dynamically adjust to the new pricing

I want to avoid creating variations because some bundles have hundreds of possibilities (I would end up with over 100K sku when I really only have 1K sku on the shelves)

I tried multiple app but none of them behave the right way. They either use pre-made bundles or can't be used on backend or can't set dynamic pricing.

Any Idea?

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Or trying discount apps and a theme customization , instead of bundling apps , or in tandem with a bundling app. 

If your on Shopify Plus this is something you could possibly handle with checkout-scripts discounting.

@emiliet wrote:

I tried multiple app but none of them behave the right way. They either use pre-made bundles or can't be used on backend or can't set dynamic pricing.

More often this means you need to shortlist all available apps and their feature sets and configuration.

The "right way" could be an indicator you need discovery and need to invest heavily in a custom app to map your business logic to the available techniques apps can use to create bundles on shopify since there is no native system for this; or underlying concepts like inventory pooling or sku sharing. The platform was initially made for selling snowboards and t-shirts, everything else takes time.

Some apps may provide their own api you could invest in building against instead of having to build your own entire stack.



This could also be built through theme customizations and building business rules into scripts in an automation app like usemechanic https://apps.shopify.com/mechanic  


https://tasks.mechanic.dev/maintain-inventory-for-a-product-bundle , or sync related tasks https://tasks.mechanic.dev/?q=sync 


If you want to pursue any of the above and try to get to an MVP contact me at paull.newton+shopifybundles@gmail.com 



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Hello @emiliet

Have you got any solution yet? I have kind of the same solution for you but for that, you have to create variants in your Shopify admin panel.

If you are willing to create variants then you can take my suggestion as your solution.

First of all, create variants for individual options. As you mentioned you want options A, B & C. under A add your 9 variants, under B add 7 and under C add 10.

After that, by using the MultiVariants - Bulk Order app you can find different style views, choose Swatch for 1st option view, and list for the 2nd one.


Once you are done with these settings, On the product page whenever your customer will choose the option A, B & C they will see your added variants and can choose from those. You can set a rule of minimum purchase 1 so that your customer won't be able to go to the cart page without selecting at least 1 product. 

Here I am attaching a DEMO PRODUCT where if you click on the option M or L it will show the variants, from where you can choose yours. you can give it a try by using its 3 days free trial. So that you can get a better idea about it.

Multivariant Variants with swatch and list viewMultivariant Variants with swatch and list view


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