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Hi Community Members, 

Dear @Stefan-247APPS   @,@Dieter-247APPS 

I have a problem with Easy DHL App. I have set up my DHL business account, and would like to link it to my Shopify shop with Easy DHL. I have been getting an error message like this (below), and have already contacted support already twice a few days ago (on two separate days) but no respond ever since. 
My credentials ARE valid, as I can log in with them to the DHL business account. I have no idea what to do, I am stuck with this problem. Any help is much appreciated. 


Error message:

'Invalid DHL-Credentials

DHL authentication failed. Username or password appears to be invalid or has expired. Please note that the DHL password for the business customer portal (GKP) automatically expires - usually every three months. Please check and fix the problem once in the GKP -   geschaeftskunden(dot)dhl(dot)de-. If no message appears there regarding the password, then as a first solution, store the same access data again in easyDHL. If there are still problems, then please change the password via the GKP and accept the new password in easyDHL. Make sure that the username also matches. If this solves the problem, please contact us via the help widget at the bottom right or at support@247apps.de'

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Hello, this is strange, I can't find a support request in the inbox via search. I'll send you a private message through the forum. Because I need your shop domain to start researching the login problem.

Auf der Suche nach Superkräfte für deinen Versand in Shopify? Dann such im App-Store nach easyDHL, easyDPD oder easyGLS 😉
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Hi Stefan, 
That is indeed strange. Thanks for your and Dieter's private message, the problem looks like to be solved 🙂