Easy Way to Push Shopify to Rakkuten?

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Some background info:  I am currently already using a inventory management/order fulfillment/sync Shopify app called Shopping Feed.  I've tried several before using this app, and must say its hands down the easiest and best one I've used, bar none.  They already include a lot of the sales channel integrations I was looking for (eBay, Amazon, Houzz, Sears, etc.), but they don't [currently] have it set up for Rakuten. 

Can anyone who has experience pushing their Shopify products to Rakuten recommend to me an app or site I can use to help me with this?  I don't want to over-complicate the good thing I got going with Shopping Feed, so I am looking or something "light" to do the job.  Any suggestions?  Your input is appreciated!

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Hi John,
Stephen a Shopify Guru here 🙂

From what I can see the only other app we have that deals with integration for Rakuten apart from the Shopping, Feed application is the ChannelUnity application. (https://apps.shopify.com/channelunity) Apart from ChannelUnity, I found some other 3rd party applications that say they can connect Rakuten and Shopify.
- Patchworks: http://www.patchworks.co.uk/shopify-rakuten-integrations/
- Export feed: http://www.exportfeed.com/shopify-data-feed-export/send-rakuten-product-feed-from-shopify-to-sell-on...
- Shopping feeder: https://www.shoppingfeeder.com/platforms/shopify

Hope that helps, feel free to drop us a line at support@shopify.com if you have any other questions. 
Stephen 🙂

Stephen | Shopify 
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Hello SpotColorArt,


This is very unusual trouble face by most of the sellers. If you want to direct list your products from Shopify store to Rakuten then you can go with any third party integration provider, who will help you in products management, Order management, Inventory & Price management.


All these management are currently providing by CedCommerce team. They have just launched their integration for Rakuten Marketplace. Once you configure your account with their app, you can easily setup your account with Rakuten.


Through the App, firstly, your products will be imported from Shopify store to APP after then it is upto you that you want to list your all products or by your choice.  Once you upload products on Rakuten, the near real time synchronization start working for inventory from Shopify to marketplace to Shopify ( Shopify<=>app<=>marketplace) . 

With the same way, the APP helps you in order management.  App auto acknowledge the orders from Rakuten Marketplace, create these orders in shopify store (if you don't want to create then you can disable this) after fulfilment from Shopify, the app sync the tracking information with Marketplace. 


CedCommerce team is providing the free days trial for all the sellers so you can take a look for this anytime and as CedCommerce provide 24*7 services then you can ask any query anytime.


Wish you very happy sales !!


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