Ebay App So SLOW - Wont work Am I missing something?

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Hey all!  Im new to Shopify.  Im an ebay seller thats finally come over.  Ive been intergrated with the ebay brand app for a bout a week now.

Am I missing something?  Is there a better way to optimize this app?

Everytime I click just to open the app it takes 45 seconds to open, and half the time will never open.

Once the app is open its completely buggy and I cant even maneuver around it just freezers up.

For a couple of days it started working great I published alot of listings, but now for the past 24 hours I cant even get 1 listing to process and publish out from the ebay plugin to ebay it self.

Is anyone else having these problems?  Is there a work around or a better app for this?


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I've struggled with it for over a week.  It gets hung on syncing or it isn't updating items.  Leaving them in stock when they are out of stock or out of stock when in stock.  Up until now the fix was to disconnect and reconnect.  Now it will not sync.  I reconnect it sticks on "we're mapping your shopify products" at 0% indefinitely.  I've removed the channel completely a well.

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I just started having problem with mapping products to e-Bay an hour ago. It gets stuck on 0% syncing step and won't move forward. Don't know what to do ??

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I'm having the same problem

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I have reached out to e-Bay and waiting for their response. You may want to send them a note as well. Here is their specialized department dealing with issues like this:

You may reach them through help@connectebaysupport.com or (855) 411-3376

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Any luck with this?
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Yes. I contacted e-Bay directly and told them about the issue. They escalated to their App Development Team and issue was resolved within 48 hours.

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I had to clear my cache to get it to work better. I also used chrome as my browser. It then opened in 10- 15 seconds.

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It always hangs on "waiting for cdn.shopify.com" I honestly believe it's a shopify problem and not eBay.

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Hello to everyone!!

There are various third part apps that can offer you help in managing inventory from Shopify to eBay in almost real time. You can find the app on Shopify app store. Search for the app on the Shopify app store where you can find multiple apps providing eBay Marketplace Integration services from Shopify to eBay. You can select the app based on the ratings, reviews, and features of the app. And once done chose the app that matches your business requirements.

What basic features you should be looking for?
-> The Real-time Syncing of details from Shopify to app.
-> Flexible features that helps you to customize your listings on eBay.
-> Easy eBay bulk Listing
-> Automatic order management.

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This is hilarious

We have here a shopify expert recommending 3rd party apps instead of software that is offered as part of its own service. Had I known this software would have been such a colossal waste of time, not to mention how it destroyed ALL of my existing ebay inventory and now doesn't work. Now because of shopify i'm losing money on ebay, which is pretty much all of the money i've made over the last year, because driving people to my shopify store instead of ebay is a slow painful process. 

So in short

Thanks shopify for releasing more horrible and unreliable software for the masses to use.

Thanks shopify for costing me more money with absolutely no value in return.