Ebay Customers & Automatic Email Subscription

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Whenever a customer buys and item on eBay there details are automatically added to my customer database, included their eBay substituted email address. They are then automatically signed up for email marketing but as this is a eBay email and not a personal email the mail send goes nowhere. I have recently discovered that this has been the cause for rising costs on my Mailchimp account as I'm sending a number of emails to account that, essentially, do not exist.

How can you turn off this automatic feature?

At the moment I am having to manually unsubscribe every eBay customer from email marketing which is very time consuming. It would be better if these emails were never signed up for email marketing in the 1st place...

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You can set up double opt in so those customers won't get added: https://help.shopify.com/en/manual/promoting-marketing/create-marketing/customer-contact-information...



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