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So My shopify is connected to my ebay. Sometimes i am able to turn on offers but only for some listings. Most of the time, the function is not available to me. When i go directly to ebay to switch them on i cannot because it says i need to do it through shopify.


Is there any way to turn allow offers as default setting? Shopify does not let me to use this function anymore.

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I don't know much about eBay -Shopify integration I'm afraid - but if you want to allow offers on your Shopify store there are a few negotiation apps you can try - Nibble is possibly the most similar to the eBay experience because it allows your shoppers to have a chat to try and agree a deal.

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Hey Rory - Glad you raised this! I'm actually a Shopify dev, and my team (all former McKinsey and Google alums) are building a product that may be helpful for this.

Would you be interested in connecting?