eBay; items syncing strange

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Shopify shows 5 items synced. Ebay says I have 5 items; however, but when I visit my listings, it says 233 items. I can't sync more than 5 items per month because of this. Is this normal? Every listing appears to be duplicates of the same five items.

The items have size and color variations as they are apparel. I would think it would just have five items listed with the options in each listing, not 233 listings. What is strange though is that every listing for the same item has the options. 

Any idea anyone?

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Hi @FiddorFaddor 

I would like to ask if you are using any 3rd party integration tool to manage Shopify products on the eBay marketplace.  Please know that if you have variant products in Shopify then they should be listed as a variant on the eBay marketplace, you can confirm with your 3rd party integration team that they support variant listings. 

If you want you can use other integration apps to explore more with the eBay marketplace.

Also please know that eBay considers each variant as a single product. For example, you have 1 product with 5 variants then it will be considered as 5 unique products on the eBay marketplace. Whereas if each variant has 2 inventory then eBay will count a total of 10.  

So please check accordingly, if you still have confusion, you can email me with proper screenshots and I will check accordingly. 

Hope you will find this answer well!

Thanks !