eBay + Shopify Sync and Inventory Management

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Hi Folks,

I am just wondering if someone out there can recommend some kind of solution for me.

I have a small business selling on Shopify & eBay, 90% of my sales come from eBay and I'm staring the process of promoting my Shopify site, I have customers order on eBay and they return to order on my Shopify site.

I am looking for some kind of app that can sync my product inventory between eBay & Shopify so I can avoid having "oversold" products.

I have a few things to consider with this;

- my "product" is made of 2 parts, I would like to be able to keep a track of the parts that make up the product seperately so I know when to re-order (i.e. a cake mix and a packet of icing go together to make a cake)

- I still want to print shipping labels from eBay (the postage rate is cheaper)

- I am concerned about losing my "selling history" on eBay so I do not want to remove all listings from eBay and start again - the selling history is very important for having my items visible in an eBay search.

- Cost, I have looked at a system we use at my workplace and other similar systems, they range from $100-$300 per month, I can't afford that.

Does anyone out there have any suggestions?


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Hi @Sowdy,


Welcome to the Shopify Community!


I understand that you want to sync your product inventory between eBay & Shopify.


eBay has an official Shopify app that handles this for you: http://bit.ly/2Ptm3lw


The only limitation is that you won't be able to track your 2 "parts" separately from the product. You may need an additional app or some custom coding to accomplish this.


However, the app does allow you to preserve your selling history, by linking your existing eBay listings to your products on Shopify.


Let me know if this answers your question or if you need further help.



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Hey @Sowdy 


Trunk can keep your inventory synced in real-time between Shopify & eBay so that you'll never oversell again. All you need to do is make sure the SKUs match up between the two!


In addition, Trunk can also handle bundles/kitting for your products that depend on multiple other parts/materials/products. Within Trunk, you can create your cake mix product as well as packet of icing product. Then you can have your product depend on 1x cake mix and 1x packet of icing. After that, if your product sells, your cake mix and packet of icing will adjust automatically. Furthermore, you can also adjust your cake mix and packet of icing and have other products that depend on them also adjust automatically. You can read more and see how this feature looks like here (make sure to read the bicycle example): https://help.trunkinventory.com/articles/2217275-creating-smart-bundles-and-kits


- Trunk doesn't touch shipping so you can still do your normal shipping flow

- Trunk doesn't touch your selling history and you won't need to restart your listings, all you need to do is make sure your SKUs line up

- Trunk starts at just $19/month and scales up based on your orders per month


If you want to learn more or try out Trunk, visit: https://www.trunkinventory.com


With Trunk, you can have your cake and eat it too and not have to use two apps 👍 I'm the founder and developer so please let me know if you've got questions/concerns!

Sync your stock levels + bundles/kits in real-time between any number of Shopify, Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Faire, QuickBooks Online, Squarespace, Square, Tundra, WooCommerce stores with Trunk
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Hello @Sowdy 

As you are looking for the solution of Inventory management from Shopify to eBay that provides you with the real-time syncing of your products, well there are various ways with different cases to manage inventory on eBay.


  1. Set a fixed inventory for your products that you feel are more on-demand products of eBay.
  2. Set a threshold inventory that will show you your product out of stock when it will be sold-out on eBay and when you will provide inventory for the out of stock products they will appear again on eBay just by revising them once.
  3. Set a per buyer limit if you think that you are not getting vast customer base due to some buyers who purchase the maximum of your stock at once.

    -The only constraint is that you will not be able to track two parts of a single product separately because if you create your products in packs because Shopify and eBay consider that as a single product but if you list them separately they will be considered as two products and then you will be capable to keep track of both of your products inventory.


-For the concern of your previous listings, there is the feature to map your already listed products that will simply create your already uploaded listings on eBay Marketplace Integration app under uploaded tab by revising them on eBay with all the updated details of products.


-And the app is very affordable for anyone who is planning to sell to sell on eBay.So checkout the pricing plan.