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Hello Shopify Friends,

It's been three days since I've been able to connect to eBay from the Shopify account, see attachment, nothing appears.

Please help me with this problem.


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Hi @xgoldhealth ,

I suggest you please check the errors in products and update the products accordingly. 

Also, please check if you have added/publish your Shopify products on the sales channel app otherwise products won't be listed on the eBay marketplace. 

The best way if you can communicate on support.

If still, you face any issues, you can email me here. 


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You're experiencing issues with your Shopify products on the eBay marketplace.


Ensure that your goods are error-free and up to date. Products may not appear where you expect them to due to minor errors or outdated information.


Check to see whether your Shopify items have been uploaded and published through the sales channel app. Otherwise, they will not be listed on eBay. If you've done everything and still aren't seeing your items on eBay, don't despair - there's always a workaround. You may contact Shopify support for assistance, or send me an email and I'll be pleased to help.