Edit image names in Shopify? Bulk edit already uploaded images?

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How can edit image names in Shopify? Is there any way to bulk edit uploaded product images? Any Apps?



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Hi Toomas!

Liam here from Shopify - thank you for your question 🙂

Once an image has been uploaded to Shopify you will not be able to edit the name of the image file. You could however add an 'alt text' name to an image on a product page. You can edit this by going to each of your products and one at a time editing each image. Hover over the image and select alt and then add an alt text that describes the photo. To read more about alt tags on images, check out this pretty cool article. There is also a free app available here for adding SEO friendly alt text.

Hope this helps, if you have any other questions, just let me know!


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Why can a simple WYSIWYG CMS like Squarespace have native, easily accessible image library management with file name updates, (which as we know contributes to SEO and image searchability) but an Ecomm Platform designed to drive sales, not allow this? Seems very odd.  Squarespace creates automatic 301 for the image url. 

If you can bulk update products titles, URLs, meta etc, why not images?


Seems very strange to me. 

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Absolutely agree with you, @DM_plus_design 

There is no excuse for Shopify not providing us a way to manage our assets which they keep in the Admin>Settings>Files section. Filenames are very important for SEO. 


They should also allow us to download all of our assets from the Settings>Files. That functionality has been requested for years! Just recently, a developer posted a new app named "Filey" which will download the Files. I just used it and was able to get all my assets. Thankfully, they made it a free app. But seriously! Shopify should provide this functionality! 


Re changing the image filenames - we should be able to manage the files we have uploaded under Settings>Files. By "manage" I mean there should also be a way for us to bulk choose files and delete them, change their file name, add alt text, etc. 


And, no, I don't want to hear about yet another app that costs monthly $$ for functionality that Shopify should be providing! 


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Ooh! Filey! Thanks for the tip.

But yes. Bulk updating all Meta attributes would be great, even in the simplest form of a .csv like the products
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has this been done yet i could rell use this


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This AI Tag one is great: https://apps.shopify.com/ai-tag

What it does:

1) It automatically reads your product images with AI and generate tags for you (color, design or anything), you can choose SEO titles too

2) It syncs the tags with your products 

3) You can use these tags to make a lot of collections


You can have a try, it's really great!

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I found a solution - there is an app called hextom bulk edit and it allows you to rename files in bulk