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Edit paths on the apple-app-site-association file

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We've successfully setup iOS Universal linking. Our Shopify partner store is correctly rendering an `apple-app-site-association` file and accurately displaying the appID as well as the default wildcard path `/*`

This wildcard path means the ALL URLs entered on an iOS device are redirected to our native app, via the universal links architecture. Apple notes that specific paths (URLs) can be explicitly set to either response as universal links, or paths can be explicitly ignored, based on the contents on the `apple-app-site-associations` file. Details can be found here ( I've consulted the Shopify admin API called `mobile_platform_application` and there are no known controls to edit the default wildcard path. This means that any and all URLs for our domain are automatically redirected to our mobile app, which s is not the behavior that we want. We want only specific paths to open our native mobile app, all other should open as usual in a web browser.

If the admin API doesn't yet support this, a manual edit to our `apple-app-site-associations` file would resolve the issue.



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I spoke to Shopify support via phone and again via email. In both case they stated that API support is only available here in the forums. I've been waiting for a response since 11/9, no response. Can someone please respond, even if it's to say that you don't support this.

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I've looked into this a bit. I'm not too familiar with Shopify, but it doesn't look like this is modifiable because you can't modify the paths from the admin or hardcode the file at that path

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We also need to do the same. Please help.

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Bump.  Would really, really, really like to be able to edit this file in Shopify.  My clients ask me about this almost everyday.  They have email marketing campaigns that they would like to send to the mobile browser and not the app.  Please help us all, Shopify!