Email marketing vs post purchase upsell apps

Email marketing vs post purchase upsell apps

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We sell a product that is most commonly purchased as a birthday gift.  We are looking to start doing some email marketing which is something we haven’t really focused on to date.


My aim is to send emails on the one year anniversary of purchase suggesting products that might be of interest for the recipients next birthday.


My thought is rather than an email marketing app we use a post-purchase upsell app. I know this is not the normal use case for these apps but i figure the result might be more conversion optimized and might have a better product recommendation for engine.


Does this approach make sense? Are there any post purchase upsell apps you recommend that will allow you to set the offer date one year in the future? Can they make an offer on an already fulfilled order? Can they handle my archive of old orders?


If not, is there an email marketing app that is well suited to this?



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Hello Shawn, 

Your use case is so valid and I get your intention. But, I guess there aren't apps that can schedule a post-purchase upsell offer. 

One post-purchase upsell app, I recommend is Upsell & Cross Sell - Selleasy .


You can create offers on product page, cart page, and thank you page and as post-purchase upsell offers. 


Thank you!

Ridhu Pharan

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Have you considered sending a personalized video to customers on their anniversary?

There's a tool on the App Store called Bonjoro - Thank You Videos.

You mainly use it for sending personal thank-you vids right after purchase, but I know you can set it up to trigger at other points too.

Maybe give that a go? Their team is great btw - if you contact via LiveChat on their site, they'll help you get it all set up as per your specifications.

Check one of their related video funnel -