Email notification on the Request a Quote Hide Price B2B

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Hi All,


I installed the app - Request a Quote Hide Price B2B on my store and if I go on the email settings, it allows me to add emails that will receive notification when a form has been submitted.



However all the emails set up there are not receiving any notifications.


Please kindly advise if we are missing any extra step to set this up.


Thank you

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Hey @IanIan26 
I'm Henry from Fordeer Commerce, specializing in providing solutions on the Shopify platform.
Your problem has 2 solutions:
- With the App you are using "Request a Quote Hide Price B2B", the problem is adding Email but not receiving notifications, this could be due to the setup in the app, or that feature is faulty. In such cases, you can completely contact the Support team to have this error fixed.
- Additionally, you can use other applications such as: O:Request a Quote ‑ Hide Price, SA Request a Quote, Hide Price.
Hope you soon complete your sales process.

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