Embedded app is not working in case of blocked third party cookies in chrome

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shopify app bridge react library needs shoporigin for working. but how i can store that value if third cookies is blocked in chrome.

i created a http only cookie for store shoporigin, it is working in normal mode but not working in incognito mode due to blocked cookie issue.


i need to fix this urgently becuase shopify rejects my app twice.

Please help. 

thanks for help in advance.

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hello @Michal17 ,


it's been great pleasure for your answer, but I think I did not elaborate my issue correctly. let me try once again,

  • I'm developing a shopify app in react and Symfony (php) in backend.
  • Let assume i had 2 pages in my app, Dashboard page and Wishlist page.
  • I use session token(JWT) for authentication.
  • when I tested this app in incognito mode (third party cookies are blocked).


first time i load app from shopify app listing, it loads correctly and everything works fine, and i redirected to Deshboard page.

next i click on wishlist page and then  reload the iframe, i got appbridge shop origin issue, because without cookies i am unable to get shop origin becuase shopify did not provide shop or host details.

here i had an issue.

please consider this as issue.

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Did you find any solution to this problem I am stuck at cookies issues. I am using .net Core

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hello @hassantariq 

I solved the cookies problem in my Shopify reactJs application. I use Reactjs for it.

Btw, I added shoporigin and host in every routes of application, so that i can get required shoporigin and host parameters without saving them in the browser cookies.

I hope this helps to you..

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can you share with us your new code please after modification in react js)