Embedded apps that rely on 3rd party cookies are prohibited from the Shopify App Store.

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Hey guys,

My app was rejected during the review. The reason given is Embedded apps that rely on 3rd party cookies are prohibited from the Shopify App Store. Implement sessions tokens to embed your app. And video: https://screenshot.click/18-25-v21wq-ax21x.mp4. This happens when you install the app in chrome Incognito mode, as shown below:




As far as I know, my app does not use a third-party cookie. It is done according to the official shopify/Shopify-api-js example. 

Any idea how to solve this problem?
Thank you

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Hello @David__Chen ,

We are OneCommerce - an eCommerce Solution Platform.


If your app does not use third-party cookies and you believe that your app was mistakenly rejected during the review, you can appeal the decision and provide additional information to support your case.

  • When you appeal, you can provide additional information and documentation that shows how your app is in compliance with the Shopify App Store guidelines. You may also want to include specific code examples or other technical information that shows how your app does not use third-party cookies.
  • To appeal the decision, go to the "App overview" page in your Partner Dashboard, find the rejected app, and click on "Appeal decision". Then, provide a detailed explanation of your case and any additional information that supports your appeal.
  • Shopify will review your appeal and make a decision based on the information provided. If your appeal is successful, your app will be reconsidered for the app store. If your appeal is unsuccessful, you can make changes to your app and submit it for review again.

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Hi @David__Chen,


I have the same issue and the app was rejected so I just wanted to know if your issue is solved or not?