Empire Theme Pre Order Now! Not Loading Correct Prices per Variant

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I am using a new theme called Empire and I have installed Pre-Order Now but it's not Loading Correct Prices per Variant instead it's staying at the one price for all Variants.


Can someone please help me fix this problem as soon as possible?

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Hello kelly,

Issue is JS conflict but unfortunately we can't provide a solution without checking the code and to check the code for you you have e to hire a developer.
To confirm the issue right click anywhere in page -> click on Inspect -> click on console Now here you will find the error when you change the variant. 
btw you can try these steps:
1) Revert the changes you did.
2) Check the preview of default theme code and compare it with your one.
3) Contact with pre order app and support and let them know that issue appears after installing the app.


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Hi @ktafa ,

Worst comes to worst, you can hide this product from your Shopify collections until you've figured the issue out.

If you decide to try a different app, I run a pre-order app called PreProduct which has different features and aims to Pre-order Now, but may be a good fit.





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