Error "Payments App doesn't exist" on paymentsAppConfigure in credit card extension app

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I'm trying to do a setup of the Credit card payment app following the documentation. I cloned the repository that they mentioned in that documentation:


git clone

After doing all the setup, selecting the onsite payment method extension and did all the setup for the development store, I'm struggling into an error that doesn't know how to debug:


PS: I'm trying to configure the paymentsApp into a development store, it should works given the same flow than offsite payment provider, right?

  data: { paymentsAppConfigure: { userErrors: [Array] } },
  extensions: {
    cost: {
      requestedQueryCost: 10,
      actualQueryCost: 10,
      throttleStatus: [Object]
  response: {
    userErrors: [ { field: null, message: "Payments App doesn't exist." } ]

I don't have this problem with an offsite payment method extension. Any idea why it's happening? Or how to debug it? Missing something into our App configuration?




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