Error with Shopify CLI

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Hello Folks,

I'm trying to create a Shopify app using Shopify CLI.
Everything looks easy and smooth until I reach a point that I don't know what to do.

I have followed the steps of this video How to Build a Shopify App with Node and React 

When I type Shopify Serve I get this error:

Error: write EPIPE

      at WriteWrap.onWriteComplete [as oncomplete] (internal/stream_base_commons.js:94:16)

Captura de pantalla 2021-03-12 a las 20.34.59.png

The app doesn't show anything:


Captura de pantalla 2021-03-12 a las 20.39.17.png


I have been several days looking on the internet for solutions but I haven't found anything. 

Any of you know how to solve this? You would make me a really happy guy!

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hi - can you show the couple of lines above in your terminal?

it might be related to the API version selected.



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@Javi_Gn have you found a solution to this issue? I am running into the same problem although I am getting it when I try and serve the application through running `npm run dev`

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Have anyone found the solutions? I am having the same issue. My app not running properly and it just displaying this error in the terminal.

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I have been running into the same issue. EPIPE errors relate to the communications between processes, which usually indicates that some connection has been temporarily broken. My suspicion is that you're running into a transient outage in your internet connection; most frequently nowadays this would be due to WiFi congestion.


I would suggest trying a different connection method, ethernet if possible. I changed to a different WiFi network and managed to (at least temporarily) resolve this issue. My app rendered without any code changes, with no EPIPE error messages in the console.


Best of luck!