Estimated shipping date based on inventory

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We are migrating our business to Shopify and would like this feature.

We have 5000 SKUs but a lot of which with low stock. If a customer orders f.i. 10 units when we have 8 in stock, we would like to display an alternate shipping date dynamically for the 2 units not in stock. The only app I could find that managed to do this is Pre-order Manger Pro. But the price is just too steep for our shop. Anyone got a solution?

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Seems like it should be possible to do with the Delivery Customization Function API. So you basically want to just add a note somewhere to indicate that the additional not-in-stock items will take longer to ship?

Kalen Jordan
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Thank you for you reply.


No i want to show the estimated delivery time for items in stock for instance 2 days.

Now when the customer tries to add more items to the cart than there are in stock

the estimated delivery time changes to 5 days. 

In the shopping cart i want these items to be seperated with different delivery times.