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Event Calendar and Ticketing Recommendation

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I am looking for a recommendation for an app that will allow me to sell the following event format:


I am charging one Price:  Virtual Training: 4 hours on 2 days each week for 3 weeks AND On Location Training for 5 consecutive days.  Each event is limited to 5 attendees and I would love to be able to offer an early bird discount.


Any suggestions?




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Hi @RubberDuckie 


Thanks for posting!  Chris here from BookThatApp!


BookThatApp offers the ability to take bookings for virtual or in-person events while restricting ticket sales to a set number of students/attendees.    The app supports the ability to book both a single day event or multi-day events,  with either consecutive dates or one off dates spread over a number of weeks.   The app also comes with a ticket option that can be sent with the booking confirmation as well as a calendar reminder file to minimize no shows. 


Early bird pricing can be managed via Shopify variants or by the use of a cut off date to restrict purchasing dates for a given event.   If you want some suggestions on how to set this up feel free to reach out to us at and we'll be happy to share our experience in this space.