Existing App or Building a New One

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I would like to be able to list one design and have all the products it can be done on listed as the options. This is an example of what I'm looking for:

I've looked all over for an existing app, and I've contacted a few that were discussed in other threads. I've sent emails to Product Personalizer, Product Options, and Advanced Product Options; Personalizer says it can't be used the way I am looking for, no response on the others. I don't know if there are others out there.

Conversely, I would be interested to see if someone could build an app to do this - but I'm not sure where to look for that.

Any suggestions, thoughts, or pointers are greatly appreciated!

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I am a developer and interested to discuss this in detail with you.

This feature appears to be custom built inside the theme.


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I would love to discuss this with you, if you have some insight! I didn't even think of it being built into a theme; I imagine that might be easier than an app.