Existing App that Reserves Inventory in Cart for Limited Time

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Hi all,


 I have searched extensively and tried many Apps, but I'm having trouble finding a cart timer App that actually removes the item inventory while in the user's cart.


The challenge is that we are getting a lot of cart adds for limited stock items,  and we are using an external payment processor (no choice here unfortunately)  so inventory doesn't get deducted until after a successful checkout.  This leads to a lot of overselling of our inventory.


Does anyone know of a cart timer app that manages the inventory in this way?  


Thank you much!

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I feel your pain and I’ve also tried searching for a solution here. I have a few developers looking into what it would take to build a custom solution. If something works out I can message you the details. Good luck 

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Hello @ethandrower ,


Did you try by disabling this option  "Continue selling when out of stock" in edit product?

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Also following this, as we have been on the search for an app as well.  Our solution would involve holding one of a kind inventory items in a cart for a certain period of time, and a timer to countdown the held cart.  At the end of the timer, the product is then released back to stock to allow another customer to purchase.  Having one built and customized is not cost effective for small businesses.  I hope there is a solution found soon.  Thanks for the thread!

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For anyone keepign score at home, the way we worked around this was this.


Overode the checkout button  to send an API call (with cart contents) to our own API.  That API manages the inventory levels live (ish) of the whole store. 


Our api checks the stock levels,  and creates the order (via admin API) and returns the cart/checkout url back to shopify frontend.    If out of stock, it returns an error code back to the user about which products are out of stock.