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Experiencing trouble with Walmart and Shopify integration?

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I'm curious if anyone has experience troubleshooting problems between the Walmart and Shopify integration. Unsurprisingly, the tech support on the Walmart side is non-existent, and the app's functionality is severely limited. However, for the volume of sales I am making on Walmart, the Shopify integration is affordable. It seems like it's difficult to winnow down the help in the Shopify experts panel, but I'd love to connect with someone who actually has experience troubleshooting problems with this app.


Having problems with: products not publishing; SKUs being broken once changed in Walmart.

thanks for your help,


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Hi Quin,

I can't be of any help here but I am experiencing the same issues. The tech support is non-existent. I'm going to follow this thread to see if anyone else replies here. 


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Hi @plantgoodseed 


Don't know the exact issue, but debugging the existing developed app is not possible as apps don't share their source code to anyone.


However tech people like us can build custom APP for your specific need.

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Hey Quin,


Problems with product publishing and broken SKUs have been an issue with most integrations out there. These challenges arise when syncing errors occur across any of the two platforms. Remember that syncing shouldn't be based on manual efforts; opting for integrations that allow automated syncing is better. 


Also, you mentioned that the limited functionalities and the inefficient support system are creating a mess in your e-commerce journey. As an e-commerce expert, I suggest that you should never rely on apps that do not have an adequate support system. 


So, it's better to look for other smarter solutions on the Shopify App Store. One recommendation from my end is the Walmart Connector based on the latest reviews and ratings.


Reach out to me if you need more help. 


To your e-commerce success.

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I am having the same problems with support, when the Walmart orders go into Shopify there is a mysterious tax added of $1 per product but no one can tell me why and I have disconnected everything they suggested. This is causing me huge issues, can anyone help?