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Export data from Bundles app

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I've just started using the 'Bundles' app and it does exactly what I want it to do in organising multipacks.
However, I was wondering when I export my orders, is there a way to return the quantity and SKU of the base SKU in a report? I.E. Someone orders a multipack that contains 10 items of the base SKU, and in the export file, the order has a column for the base SKU with 10 units
Is it possible to add bundles & components in a report and then automatically link it to the export of the Shopify report?
Any assistance appreciated.
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This is John, from Report Pundit.

Report Pundit has the option to fetch the base SKU and Quantity with the order details for the bundled product if the information is available in the Shopify store.
We can customize the report based on your reporting requirement.

You can reach us at or contact our live chat support team for more help.


Report Pundit - Instant reports and custom dashboards
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Hello @greensparkstech 

I have used one bundle app in past and that benefited me a lot to solve my problem. 

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Hope this helps!

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