Extend Shopify stores sitemap with links to our app pages

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Hey folks! Mikhail, CEO at PeerBoard is on the line.

We're building a plugin for embedded communities and a large area for us is SEO. Our app lives on /a/p/community page for every store that uses us and we have a lot of nested pages for the posts their community members create, such as /a/p/community/post/12345. These posts are of high SEO value since people discuss things related to the products these stores sell.

In general, we see significant uptick in search visits for our communities on other platforms and on custom domains where we can serve it well. For Shopify though we don't seem to have programmatic access to access the sitemap, even though it exists. Which is actually double trouble since we are essentially excluded from indexing as Google ignores links not added to the sitemaps even if it discovers it, afaik. And so all of the content our communities for stores create end up being hidden from the search.

How other developers deal with it? What can we do? I found an article on manual robot.txt changes store owners can do. But this is super not friendly to the partners, we'd like to provide a seamless automated experience.

PeerBoard is a powerful modern community platform that enables embedded and fully white-labeled communities.
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