extension not using latest api_version

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Hi, im on the process on create an app extension with cart-transform functions. im facing the following problem when trying to update attributes when merging products.


First i create a shopify app with npm init @Shopify/app@latest (Current Shopify CLI version: 3.60.1)


After setting that up a shopify.app.toml file is created that has api_version='2024-04'


Then upon creating and extension with shopify app generate extension, an extension is created, but within this one, the shopify.extension.toml file says it uses api_version="2024-01' which is breaking my app because i require to use new properties that where introduced in 2024-04.




Im trying to use the attribute property of the mergeOperation. This exists in 2024-04 but not on 2024-01. Upon manually changing the api_version in shopify.extension.toml, i expect the file inside generated/api.ts to have the updated mergeOperation attributes allowing for me to use attributes field, but this is not happening.

How can i assure that my extension is in fact at the time of building and deploying using version 2024-04?


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