Facebook catalogue will not remove or disconnect

Facebook catalogue will not remove or disconnect

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I have tried disconnect the app

I have removed facebook and instagram as sales channels

I have removed shopify from facebook


and still, all my products are showing and are available to customers on facebook and instagram. 


I have rebranded and have a new website who's catalogue I need to connect. Save deleting my facebook and instagram pages I feel like I am running out of options. I have been trying to disconnect for 3 months. 

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Hi @StaceyRose1 For disconnecting Commerce Account and start from the scratch you need to remove or disconnect below things-

1. Facebook Pixel disconnect from the catalog

2. Facebook Shop disable or deactivate

3. Facebook Data Feed delete or disconnect

4. If all above things are deleted then you can able to delete catalog

5. Now you can able to delete the Commerce manager account

6. Create a New commerce manager account or Facebook Instagram shop

7. Create a data feed and connect again like pixel, feed, store with the app etc.


I hope it will help you!

Saim | Shopify Partner Expert

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