Facebook Pixel not working!

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Hi all,

I recently just created my website and installed facebook sales channel which automatically linked to the facebooks ads manager, page, account and selected pixel. But when I test the pixel on facebook it just didnt show any activity. I downloaded facebook pixel helper chrome extension as well as clearing my cachedisabling all my other extensions and disabling my antivirus and firewalls but still cannot detect any pixel using the pixel helper extension. I tried using other PCs and also no pixel detected so I'm really not sure what the problem is at this point. Some people detect a pixel, some dont.

The diagnostics shows 4 errors (but it comes and goes - and when its not there, the history of the error is not there too) and all are as follows: Server external ID not matching to pixel external ID, 

You're sending the external_ID parameter for your AddPaymentInfo event from your server, but you're not sending the external_ID parameter for this event from your pixel. If you send external_ID for an event from your server, you must send it from your pixel as well in order for that event to be valid.

This may cause issues with the attribution and delivery optimisation of your ad campaigns.


Really would appreciate so much of your help


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