Facebook Pixel wont connet

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I have read all the support documents and trouble shooting and my Facebook pixel just wont connect with my site, i have the app loaded in my store and keep trying to connect with not active connection,


I need actual help please. 

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Hello maxklaz!

In your Shopify admin, click Facebook in the Sales channels section.
Click Settings, and then click Data sharing settings.
In the Customer data-sharing section, click the Enable data-sharing toggle.
In the Choose data-sharing level section select Standard, Enhanced, or Maximum.
Select your pixel from the list.
Click Confirm.
Change or remove a Facebook pixel from your online store Steps:

In your Shopify admin, click Facebook.
Click Settings.
In the Data sharing settings section, click Disconnect to remove your current pixel.
Connect another pixel, or create a new one.
If all this not work i need to check in to you shopify store you can reach out to me