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Hi there im having an issue with facebook business manger. I can see Im connected with both a shopify bussiness manger ( with 3 assets) and also my facebook account that is attached to 1 ads account in facebook  Ads manager. When I go back to shopify to connect my personal ad account an error message comes up: 

This ad account needs to be added to the selected Business Manager to continue. I then go to add account, then I will see that both my bussiness manager account is conected as well as my facebook account. I then use the option to creat a new account, for doing this I have to put in my facebook ID, presto and done and this happens:

This personal ad account can't be added to Business Manager because a payment has not been made. Make your first payment and try again, or create a new ad account in Business Manager instead.

I have searced everywhere, but this error message does not seem to have bugged to many people so Im hoping that someone here is be able to help me:)


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A word to Facebook: STOP. CHANGING.THINGS. In-app sounds now can't be turned off, resulting in every move you make being accompanied by one of a variety of irritating noises. Had to turn system sounds off to deal with it. Gets worse with every update.