Faire integration with Shopify

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Hello!  I have recently been accepted to wholesale with Faire.  I am working through setting up my brand and profile on Faire.

I have the option to manually upload my products or to connect my Shopify store to Faire to upload my product catalog.  I would prefer to connect Shopify & Faire accounts together.

When I go to do this, Shopify gives me a warning message stating "Faire Wholesale hasn't been reviewed by Shopify".  Is this a safe app to integrate into my Shopify or should I be wary of a scam?



Best, Drew

Drew D.
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Interesting, if this hasn't already been fixed, I'd also be keen to understand if this is still an issue.  


I landed here but I was really after a Youtube vid from Faire showing the Shopify import process.  I am not keen and would prefer manual control as we do not want our entire catalogue importing.