Feature Request: Archived products should be hidden by default

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We're just switched to Shopify POS from Lightspeed Onsite POS and are getting used to all the back end changes that requires. One of the things that's different is product management and we're happy to have the new 'Archived' status. Since we've switched we've started to use the Archived status for older products that we will (probably) never stock again. The popup that appears when you do this is:

Archiving products will hide them from your sales channels and Shopify admin. You’ll find them using the status filter in your product list.

But the archived products are only filtered out if the search is for 'Active' products. Isn't the point of Archiving products that you don't want to see them and that they should be hidden from the 'All' search by default? At least that was how it worked in our old POS.   I know that the products are hidden from the sales channels but they should also be hidden from the Shopify admin unless I'm specifically looking for them. If anyone else is using the Archived product setting and doesn't think it should work this way (or likes the way it works right now) please reply and let me know. I'd love to hear how others are using the feature. Noah

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I also want to mention that archived products are shown in the product count of collections when you create a collection tile. They should be hidden here as well.
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I agree completely. We have a lot of products which are archived but we don't want to remove them. Currently the main list shows everything. It should either default to "Active" or at least remember which list I have it filtered by even when returning to the site. Having to click the filter "Active" every single time you click on the product list is annoying. What is the point of archiving items if they're still showing in the main list? The way it is now, it's exactly the same as if I just removed all sales channels.

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100%. I don’t want to delete the products but I’m tired of the archived products showing in my “products out of stock” section. They should be totally hidden unless you search for them!


@Shopify please can you fix this or add a setting to hide products from all pages?