Feedback about a free upsell app

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I've recently launched my very first app which supports to create upsell and cross sell deals on your online store.

BFCM is coming soon so this is the best time to apply upsell tactic to boost your sales as well as AOV (average order value). 

Our app helps the merchants to show customers attractive flash deals, discounted products with eye-catching popups showing when the customers are on the website. 

Basically, our app will show an upsell/cross sell popup on the Cart page or on any Product page (we are working on the Thank you page upsell). This is a good way to provide additional value to customers by informing them about special offers of products that they may not already know about.

The app is totally free and I hope you can give us some feedback about it. Here is its link:

Thank you so much, any comment will be great.

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I like that you have a clear onboarding and step-by-step setup process, the UX is pretty good for a free app. But I'm looking forward to the thank you page upsell option, it would benefit my store a lot.