Filter store based on postcode

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I run a delivery business where we deliver to customers in zones (local delivery) both as one-off and by subscription.


I currently use Recharge and Zapiet and I'm happy with both apps as they are.


However, for ease of use on the site, I'm looking to create a filter similar to that when you land on Domino's Pizza's website. You enter your postcode on the homepage and essentially this filters the site to show you custom pricing, products and deals based on this.


The reason I need this isn't for pricing (at least at the moment), but for cut offs and user experience. As we deliver to different customers on different days, I need customers to see the cut off and next delivery date for their postcode based on the preparation time of each product. I can't show "order by 8pm for next day delivery" to a customer who lives in a zone meaning the next delivery day is 2 days away for example.


Based on the postcode that's entered, the product page would then show a countdown based on the next available delivery day for them specifically. I'm hoping I can do this with a simple countdown app.


I guess I'm trying to have a few portals (I have 4 zones) without having to have a customer logged in.


Has anyone done this, or is anyone aware of either a workaround or an app which would do this?



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