flow.zoho.com refused to connect.

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Hi All,


I am Guy and my zoho - shopify connection has stopped working.

Except from a well working integration between our Zoho one and 3 Shopify stores (Zoho inventory) I created a custom connection from Zoho to Shopify in order to collect data from our orders (such as payment method [paypal/credit card]), using the Zoho inventory custom functions.

And for a while it worked fine. Today I could not get it to work and when I checked the Shopify app (Zoho Flow) it said: flow.zoho.com refused to connect.

I chatted with the shopify support, but could not resolve it.

I deleted the app from Shopify and than deleted the connection from Zoho.

I rebuilt it all under new connection name - still nothing 😞

Any suggestions? 

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This is an update,

The issue was solved by Zoho inventory support.

The problem was not in the actual code, it was in the connection which had the "Credentials of login user" in an ON state.


So, please note the following -

If you came across the connection error mentioned in Shopify app it means nothing and that is it's default state.

Check your Zoho connection and see that Credential button is turned off.


It works great now.