For app review, can we submit staging environment URLs as app URL , mandatory webhook endpoints etc

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Dear @Shopify Team,


We have created an app that we want to make available on the Shopify app store. 

Can we submit the staging environment details for the app review ? 

Also, once the app review passes will we be able to change the URLs set up for the App to the production environment ones without actually needing to undergo the app review process again ? 


Hoping for your guidance.

Thanking you.




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Yes! You can set the app URL to whathever you want, so you can set your staging URL during the review process, and then when they approve it you can change it for the production URL. I have 2 apps published and till this day i can change the URL if i want to.


Besides that, i'd recommend being mindful of the dynamic URL updating that the shopify CLI uses with Cloudflare/ngrok, personally i have 2 apps created in my account, one for the definitive production URL, and another for the Development version which i will allow to update the URL dynamically.