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Has anyone found an app with functionality to replace the Add to Cart button with a form and send the information collected in the form to a different email address per product? I essentially want to create an "appointment request" option that sends a request notification email to a different "team member" for each product. I thought I had found an appointment booking app that could do it but did not quite fit the use case.

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Hi @ConfettiJar 

In case you are looking for a solution to replace the Add to Cart button with an appointment solution and send the information collected by email  BookThatApp (BTA) can help!

You can actually see it in action on the following demo product where the usual Add to Cart button is replaced by an Appointment Widget by default:


As in the example above, the app will allow to display your booking available dates and times for your appointments through an Appointment Widget for which you can set the desired available dates and hours in the BTA app.
Here's a complete and easy step-by-step setup guide if you decide to give it a go: Setup Guide: The Appointment Widget.
After setting up the widget you can further customize the app to send automated Scheduling Reminder Emails which can be configured to be sent for a specific email recipient according to the group of products assigned to the email reminder.
Alternatively, you can also share all of the appointment information and details with your team members by creating Staff Accounts. Your team members would then have the ability of accessing the app and review or even adjust their assigned Appointments.


Hope it helps! If you have any further questions or need any assistance, please feel free to reply on this thread.

Thank you!