Form Apps, Tagging Existing Customers, Site Speed

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Hi all - 

I have been running in circles for a few weeks now on this. On my website ( we have multiple sign up forms for different purposes (newsletter sign up, free downloads, sign up for more info on specific upcoming product) and I cannot find a solution that checks all of the boxes. 

Here's what I need: 

  • Multiple sign-up forms that feed into one Shopify & Mailchimp audience
  • Sign-up forms automatically add tags to customer in Shopify based on which form they filled out - new and existing customers
  • Ability for new AND existing customers to fill out form multiple times and add / update with new tags **this is the one that I cannot find any direct solution to
  • Ability for a customer to fill out a form multiple times and receive the same email (thinking free downloads....if they get a free download and then come back for the same download 3 months later)
  • Ability to fully customize design of our forms
  • Ability to embed forms through PageFly
  • Forms embedded on our site do not slow site speed or take several seconds to load

Here's everything I've tried: 

  • Native Shopify form - couldn't figure out how to make these work as needed, and through Pagefly.
  • PageFly form - does not allow existing customers to fill out a form more than once, Customers cannot fill out form B if they previously filled out form A - therefore, tagging wouldn't work.
  • MailChimp - embedded forms do not allow existing customers to fill out form again, or a different form - therefore, tagging wouldn't work.
    • They say this can be addressed through their Landing Page functionality, however, we have opted not to use landing pages, we want to keep everything on our Shopify domain.
  • Customer Fields - in order for forms to update customer tags, customer must be logged into their Shopify account. We do not require account creation, therefore this isn't a sustainable solution for us.
  • Privy - I think this may allow for multiple form entries per customer, however, there is no automatic tagging feature. Next step is to test if Zapier can help with this. 
  • POWR Form Builder - we thought this was going to be our best solution, it seemed to temporarily work with allowing multiple signups and updating with tags, however, it's not working anymore. Also, the forms take about 5-10 seconds AFTER our website loads to show, and that's not a sustainable option for us either. 
  • JotForm - doesn't have a native integration into Shopify, their script doesn't work correctly with our theme and the iframe code looks terrible.

Here are a couple examples of our different sign-up forms:

I know this is somewhat of a special business use case, but it seems like there should be some sort of out-of-the-box solution to help with something. Any guidance? 

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