Free access to our new AI smart agent plug-in!!

Shopify Partner
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Hey! I'm a product manager at AUI, a startup that built the first AI e-commerce agent using generative AI, and a new member of this community 🙂

We’ve just released our smart agent to the Shopify app store and we’re looking to give a select Shopify medium-large store owners **free access** to our pre-launch product (soon to be available only via subscription).

By being able to understand at a high level the needs of the customer and the product he is looking for, sending relevant and accurate options, and answering questions of all kinds, our agent will give your customers a much more real, effective, and enjoyable buying experience.
You will have full control of your AI Agent & have the opportunity to directly impact the development of the first AI Retail Agent for e-commerce. Our team will be on hand to help with the installation and support as you design & install your agent. It is important to know, that the agent won’t run on your store automatically. You’ll get the chance to test it on our Playground and only if you’re happy, you can make it public.

Interested?  Have any questions about our product? Comment here or send an email to

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