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Free app for buy 1 get one free

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Hello there, 

My supplier has a MOQ for certain products, in this example I will say they are toothbrushes with an MOQ of 20. To overcome this problem I am selling a pack of 20 per 1 order. 

Is there a way for me to set it up so that 20 orders will show up in my CSV for the costumer. Kind of like a package deal? I thought maybe ill just sell it as Buy 1 get one free but I need it integrated into the original product itseld instead of as a widget.


Thank you in advance

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Hi @itsolidude12,

Hope you are doing well.

You are able to see the type of discounts you can offer by checking out the discounts documentation if you have not already done so -

However, what your looking for is available.

This app is totally free to use, so you are able to test them out and see what you get. 

All the best!

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Sadly it is not what I am looking for :(. I need it to directly add another one for free when ordering. Not just an offer

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hi, how about bold bundles?


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Hello @ itsolidude12,

If you are still searching for an app that provides BOGOF options, you may take a look at this app. 

Although the tool doesn’t add free products to the cart automatically, it lets you run upselling and cross-selling campaigns on any store page, including cart and checkout. Therefore, you can create specific rules determining the items that trigger recommendations display and the products that should be recommended. In addition, the app lets you set any discounts for promoted items and show them on the cart page.


Besides, the app allows customizing the default title for your offers. So, for example, instead of “Special Offer,” you can specify “Get your free product!” or “Daily/weekly deals,” etc.


I hope this helped.