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Free app to allow Affiliates to track number of sales with their discount code

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I run my business on Instagram. I started an affiliate program by sharing custom discount codes to each person/influencer that they can share with their network.


Basically, the discount code gives the influencers' network 10% off our products, and in return I pay the influencer a commission for every sale made with his discount code.


Is there a free app, to mainly just allow influencers to track and see how many orders were made using his/her code?


Instead of me going to the Discounts page, check how many times it's used, screenshot and share it. 


Thank you

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I haven't' used it, but have a look at Shout Out. It isn't free. It's $39 a month, but has good reviews. Are you seeing good results from this strategy? I'm just looking at doing this myself.

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A free option that offers a customizeble Influencer application & rewards tracking is

Growave is an all in one option with reviews, wishlists, loyalty rewards, etc. Loyalty rewards option is not free. 

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Hi @Majj,


I suggest you try ConvertOut. Our Ambassador Affiliate Marketing app is the way to go for a quick and easy affiliate program setup.  For affiliates and influencers, our app boasts advanced features for ease of use. Our app tracks all ambassador sales, selects tiers, generates code, and many more. The best part is that we have developed this app to be fully automated.


With our app, you can also stay in touch with your affiliates. Integrate Omnisend or Klaviyo to send all of your ambassadors’ custom emails. If you want to give it a try, install it for free here