Free delivery is customer is a subscribing member

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I am trying to setup a membership subscription similar to Dashpass, and to an extent Amazon Prime.


If a customer is a paying member, I would like to automatically give them free delivery on their order. Ideally I'd be able to set this up as one free delivery per week but that's not essential.


Are there any apps that enable this?

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Hi, @jlam93

I understand wanting to try and compete with larger companies that offer free shipping to members. We have a blog article about ecommerce fulfillment, free shipping and competing with Amazon if you're interested in reading more. To clarify, do you already have a paid membership system setup in place? If not, you may require more than one app to achieve what you are looking for. 

For memberships, take a look at Bold Memberships. It has built in reoccuring payments so you can charge what you like for your memberships. It gives you the ability to block products, collections, prices, and more for different members. Shipping options are not mentioned in their app description, however. If you think this app could be a good option for you, I'd recommend reaching out to the app developer directly and see if there is a way they can help you achieve a free shipping options for your members. 

Otherwise, if you already have your paid memberships organized, or know another way you plan to charge for them, I'd recommend looking at Bespoke Shipping for creating shipping rates based on customer groups. This app is highly customizable, and you can write your own rules. From what I can understand, setting up one day per week free shipping for members should be achievable with this app, but you can always contact them directly as well for questions. 

Let us know how this goes! 

To learn more visit the Shopify Help Center or the Community Blog.

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I was able to successfully do this with the Shipeasy app on shopify app store. They can help you install it. You create a product for the membership and the app tags anyone who purchases that product. Then, they are tagged in recharge (which you also need or something like it that will do recurring billing) and that sets up the billing cycle you want. The shipeasy folks are highly responsive and helpful and they can help you set up the scenario you want to make this happen. Big disclaimer is you need Shopify Advanced, which is $299 per month… must have that plan as shipeasy is a 3rd party shipping API. This is why I had to drop it, which is so unfortunate.