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Free Instagram Feed Apps That Allow Post Filtering

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Are there any FREE Instagram Feed Apps that will allow me to select which Instagram posts I want to appear on my store? I know some that charge a monthly fee do this. 

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Hi @Tri_S 

We can use the below link app and with the help of app API and Some JS codes we can do this.

for picking up the which insta post you want to show we will create a settings in which you have to add the post id or url of posts which you want to show.


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Hey @Tri_S 

Seems, I can help you with, what you are looking for in a shopify App.

I have tried 2-3 apps to curate and filter our feeds before displaying them on my clients wall but then I shopped at Instagram feed app. It has easy to use moderation option through which, you can filter out the feeds which you want to display on your Shopify store or not. 

Hope you would get what you are looking for.

Best Regards