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Is there an app or something that I can add to my site that when a customer purchases an item they get another for free but the option shows up once the customer reaches checkout? Even with advertisement of the sale/gift customers will forget to add the item to their cart in order for a discount to work but instead I want the customer to still be able to select a free item from a list of options at checkout, this way they don't miss out on the sale and I don't have to keep reaching out to customers to see what free item they want.


Example: [sale/offer: Purchase 1 wax melt warmer, get a wax melt for free]

              Action/want - customer adds wax melt warmer to cart and once they reach checkout there is a dropdown menu for them to select which wax melt scent they want for fee. Customer is not able to proceed through checkout until free item is selected 

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Hi @krivera,

If you're aiming for a streamlined process where customers can easily select a free item after adding the main product to their cart, it might be more effective to present these options directly on the product page. This approach not only simplifies the customer experience but also serves as a motivation for them to proceed with the main product purchase 👍.



Consider trying out the Easify Product Option app to implement this strategy. Here's a brief demo tailored to your case:

  • Create a new option set.
  • Add a heading or paragraph to notify customers of your special offer, such as "Purchase 1 wax melt warmer, get a wax melt for free!".



  • Add an option that allows customers to choose their free wax melt scent. Utilize a visually appealing option display type, such as Image Swatch. Connect your existing Wax Melt product to the option values of the Image Swatch.



  • Assign the option set to the main product (Wax Melt Warmer):



By following these steps, customers will have the option to select their free wax melt directly on the product page, enhancing the overall shopping experience.

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Hey Krivera,


I would be careful to block checkout over something like this, if it's not intuitive it can definitely hurt your conversion rate. That's why we add the forgotten free product after checkout. They're not able to select their scent, but it saves all the customer support.


This is a situation a ton of people use our app for. We make it super simple to add a 'forgotten' rule so if an order is placed that the Buy X Get Y should apply to and no free item is added you can include the free item after all and save yourself a bunch of time and money on customer support, shipping cost to get them their 'forgotten' free gift, and brand image.


We allow you to check if a discount code is applied, the product contains or doesn't contain an item with a tag or specific product and variant.


Link to the app:


And a quick video demoing and explaining the setup and functionality: 





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