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Free Product for Email

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Hi, Im currently using Sellfy for digital product downloads. The main reason why I use it is the option to offer a freebie if the user enters their email address. They can then download the product without having to through the payment gateway. Like here:

Ive been searching for a similar solution for Shopify but havent been able to find anything. 

Does anybody know how to do this?







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Bit of a bump for this question, as I am looking to do the same thing.


I need a a page where users can enter their email address, and, upon submission, are sent to the next page in my site.


The email address will be used to send out a free ebook/guide that goes with the next page the customer will land on, after entering their email address.


Anyone got any ideas?

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We are Shopify Partners. Have you find anything like this if not, will you be willing to get on a call with us so that we can discuss about the issue and work on building an app for the same.


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have you been able to figure out a solution for this? Recently have been trying to find a way to do something very similar.