Free review app for multilanguage store

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Hi, I use "Translate my Store"(TMS) app to.. guess what? to translate my store.

And I am using app to place reviews on the website. 

However TMS does not seem to be able to access fiels to translate them. And works only one language at a time.

As a consequence, review widgets are only in 1 language no matter what language the user has selected on my shop.

Is there any turnaround, or any "product review" app that can manage multilanuage stores? I have 3 languages total.

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Hi Riccds,

We've been trying to partner with many multilingual apps for years and I can confirm that there's no review app that is 100% compatible with Shopify's multilingual Functionality (it would be a killer-feature if they did). The workaround is to use any translation app (for example, Langshop) that has an option of dynamic translation (search for fields on the page and replace them with translations).

If you find any review app that works with multilanguage, I'd be glad to know this.

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Yes ok, we are on llow budget right now and as I think a multilanguage one would probably have a monthly fee, that would be out of reach for us. I tried using translation apps but I had problems of conflicts with the other app we are using for translations.

But if happen to find one I'll let you know. 


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I also think a multi language one would presumably have a month to month expense, that would be far off for us.