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Hello everyone!

Check it... I am working on a project for a client that needed a Tear Sheet added to their product pages. If you aren't familiar with a "Tear Sheet", it is just a simple document for your clients to print out or save as a PDF with just the essential info they need. It's just a white background page your LogoTitle, Image, Description, SKU, Barcode (stay tuned for a clever hack...), and Price.

Easy, right? Turns out not so much.

So I searched around the Apps and found an option that had a ridiculous monthly fee and when I checked out the trial that created the printable, watermarked PDF... let's just say as a designer, it looked disgusting. I was very unimpressed to say the least... yeah, you know who you are you greedy jerks.

I already got paid to make this code anyway so I want you all to save your money instead of needlessly subscribing to a feature that your clients likely won't use enough to justify the (again...) RIDICULOUS!!! monthly fee even remotely worth paying just to add a button to print out your products' info. Tbh no idea why this isn't a feature already, but since it's not I have provided some quite simple code to add to your Theme with thorough instructions so even if you have minimal to no coding experience you or whoever you annoy to help you with nerd things can add my code to your website and enjoy not paying for an overpriced, poorly done app. 

So here is the link to the [Liquid/HTML] code. You can thank me by following me on GitHub, clicking on that star on the top right, and/or adding me on IG [@gravyhtx]... or not and just use this idc. Ofc I have no shame in taking a donation for saving you a s**t ton of money on that app... still like seriously wtf you horrible, horrible people.


Hey look... here's another sick hack!
Did you know...

You can write whatever you want in the barcode?? That's what I did. I used it to add the product Dimensions for this client. You can use it for whatever you want instead of (again) paying for an app to add something so simple. Pretty cool, huh? Use it for the SKU even... idc it's your project do as you will, dudes.


** Note to all you fellow devs... please notify me of any bugs you find or ask me about any questions you may have so we can make this as useful as possible. Tested in Chrome and Safari web browsers with code to easily make edits to other browsers that print out weird... I had trouble with Safari so I made it easy to make changes to any other browser. **

Made with love by Grävy Design Co. // @gravyhtx

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Hey Gravyhtx


Thank you so much for this code, it is so nice of you to share your knowledge with others. I am currently trying to implement this on one of our websites. I have followed your instructions and managed to get the tear sheet button on all our product pages but when you click on it nothing happens.


Could you point me in the right direction of what I have missed out here?


Website is


Many thanks in advance 



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Hello @gravyhtx ,

Thanks for sharing this code! It's exactly what I am looking for, but unfortunately I wasn't able to get the code to work. The button appears on my product pages, but doesn't do anything when clicked. Any suggestions?


@Emma_Rampton1 were you able to get it to work?

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I tried as best I could to also follow your directions but I was unsuccessful.  Can you help with more specific instructions for the DAWN theme?