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Freshly app: batch and expiry date tracking for perishables

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Hey everyone! 

We were featured in a Shopify blog in May and recently launched Freshly on the Shopify app store! 🎉

🗞Announcing the Winners of the Shopify App Challenge: Commerce and COVID-19

With Freshly, you can

  • assign batches and expiry dates for each product variant.
  • automatically select batches based on the First In First Out method.
  • view a history of inventory changes and trace recalled items back to the batches/orders (coming soon). 

I'm the product designer on the app so let me know if you have any questions or specific requirements. I'm happy to chat further.


Co-founder at Freshly Commerce | Building Simple Bundles & Freshly Inventory
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Hello, thank you! this is really an amazing idea and product.

I'm working on one of my clients, who is willing to use your app, 

I saw that there is a way to assign batch manually after order placed, by default it picks the closest date batch. 

So is there any way to pass some date (delivery date which is gonna be picked in product page while placing an order) by which we can select from which batch to take this product. 

Not manually as you did now. 

Thank you

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Hi Sanjar, 

Sorry for the delayed reply and thanks for the kind words! Feel free to reach me at or through our chat in the app. We're much quicker to respond there 🙂 

You can pass in the date for delivery in the "Additional Details" section shown in the Shopify Admin's order detail page. This information will also appear in Orders on Freshly. 

The default setting is to auto-assign batches to order. However, you can turn this off by going to Preferences and disabling auto-assignment. In this way, you can bulk auto-assign batches to orders(done by selecting the orders you wish to fulfill in Shopify Orders > More actions > Auto-assign batches in Freshly) when you're ready to fulfill the order (on the delivery date). Freshly will then select from any available active batches to assign to the order. 

I hope that helps! Please let me know if I can assist further. 




Co-founder at Freshly Commerce | Building Simple Bundles & Freshly Inventory